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We Are The Humanistic Psychologists of Chicago

“We believe that under the right conditions, all humans have the ability to reach their greatest potential. Counseling can be a catalyst and pathway to assist individuals in becoming their authentic selves.”
Dr. Rebecca Bergen

Chicago Counseling


We offer counseling to individuals of all ages, couples and families.

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Counseling for Adults

Being human has its challenges. At Humanistic Psychologists of Chicago (HPC) we offer individual counseling for adults of all ages and backgrounds. Our psychologists see each client as an individual with a rich history and present experience that makes them unique.

We take the time to explore and understand who you are today, so that we can help you identify the changes you’d like to see happen within yourself.

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Counseling for Couples

We long to connect and feel loved. At HPC we are dedicated to helping couples thrive in their connection. We predominantly use the Gottman Method for couples therapy and integrate Emotion Focus Therapy for Couples. Your psychologist will help you and your partner understand and improve your dynamics during conflict, build trust and commitment in your relationship, deepen and improve the way you connect as friends and lovers, and explore and discuss how to maintain this connection over time.

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Counseling for Children & Adolescents

Growing up is not easy. At HPC we appreciate the unique challenges each young person faces, and provide a warm, safe nonjudgmental environment for the young person to express themselves.

Throughout this exploration we allow children and adolescents to explore their emotional and thinking world in a way that fosters more awareness and understanding, leading to better self-care and improved behaviors.

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Counseling for Families

Family bonds are so important. At HPC we see each family as a system, with each member of the system affecting the functioning of the family. During family sessions, we allow each member of the family to share their voice and experiences as members of the family. Psychologists will guide family members to communicate in healthier ways so that an increase in understanding will be achieved.

Group counseling for ADHD

Facilitated by experienced clinical therapist, Dr. Jayna Hamet, and supervised by licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Rebecca Bergen, this group is dedicated for women (18+) with ADHD to have a safe affi rming space to support, inspire, and encourage each other. An initial intake with Dr. Hamet will also be required to determine that the group is right for you and to assess your individual needs. This will be a separate cost which can also be billed to your insurance.


Therapy is the ideal place to explore the impact of the external influences and heal from the ones that have wounded us. It is also the place to work to see the good, see the areas where you can find gratitude, self-compassion, self-love, and your authentic self. As your therapists, we walk alongside you in life to guide you as you learn to lead your own way.

Counseling Process from a

Humanistic Perspective