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At Humanistic Psychologists of Chicago, we offer individual counseling for adults of all ages and backgrounds. Our psychologists see each client as an individual with a rich history and present experience that makes them unique. There is also a portion here that talks about Family Counseling Chicago.

We take the time to explore and understand who you are today, so that we can help you identify the changes you’d like to see happen within yourself.

During your initial consultation with HPC, the psychologist that you work with will set goals with you and discuss the plan for helping you explore and deepen your self awareness and reach your fullest potential. Emotions must first be explored, validated and understood.

Your authentic path will be revealed through this exploratory process. Through it all, HPC therapists will help guide and be by your side to help guide you along to way to becoming your authentic self. Mindfulness and meditation practices will be taught and encouraged as a way to find more inner peace and calm in many stressful experiences throughout the life span.

Common reasons clients seek individual counseling:

We are born into this world completely dependent on our caregivers, with certain genetic factors predetermined for us, including the potential for growth into a full adult human. We begin life very dependent but little by little we grow into becoming more and more independent, separating from our parents. It is our interaction with our environment along with these genetic factors that affect how our development goes. Growing up can be complicated and parents, care givers, extended family, coaches, teachers, and peers play a crucial role in guiding and shaping each young person’s development. For some children and adolescents, emotional, behavioral, social, and academic challenges can arise that would benefit from the guidance and support of a psychologist.

Children will be taught and encouraged to engage in mindfulness and meditation practices as well, which will aid them for the rest of their lives in finding inner peace in calm in a variety of stressful situations and experiences. Here are some common issues parents and caregivers may seek out counseling for their child or adolescent:


Romantic relationships are often the richest and most complex relationships we will have. These relationships can be a source of joy, connection, and support. At the same time, because no two individuals are alike, navigating romantic relationships can be challenging and lead to suffering and feelings of disconnection. At HPC, we predominantly use the Gottman Method for couples therapy and integrate Emotion Focus Therapy for Couples. The Gottman Method is useful in identifying the source of the disruption in the relationship and is based on longitudinal research. Your psychologist will help you and your partner understand your dynamics during conflict, build trust and commitment in your relationship, deepen and improve the way you connect as friends and lovers, and explore and discuss how to create shared meaningful rituals of connection.

Emotion Focused Therapy emphasises the health of the attachment bond between you and your partner. As humans we are neurologically wired to need intimate bonding with others. Psychologists at HPC will assess the type of attachment the couple has and utilize interventions to aid in repairing the attachment bond, creating a more secure and healthy sense of connection and closeness. Both the Gottman Method and EFT are humanistic approaches as they seek to understand humans normal reactions to the difficult dynamic of bonding with an intimate partner and emphasizes the positive nature of humans to need and want to bond in a secure way under the right conditions of feeling understood and emotionally safe. The research indicates it is best to enter therapy early on when you encounter relationship difficulties. Do not wait until the problematic dynamic has caused so much hurt that feeling emotionally safe becomes very difficult. Make an appointment today to begin couples counseling with a highly trained psychologist at HPC.


Family Counseling Chicago

Our families are the most significant relationships we have as humans. We rely on them for our initial survival and continue to rely on them for emotional support and guidance as we grow up and navigate life. In adulthood, the family unit brings joy and meaning to life, and is a source of continued support and adds value to many individuals lives. Given the importance of family relationships and the health of these attachments, and the fact that although we may be related, we may be quite different from each other, family relationships are the most complicated relationships we have to navigate.

At HPC, we see each family as a system, with each member of the system affecting the functioning of the family. During family sessions, we allow each member of the family to share their voice and experiences as members of the family. Psychologists will guide family members to communicate in healthier ways so that an increase in understanding will be achieved.

When family members feel understood, there is naturally less conflict, and a movement to solutions for the family dynamic issues is often discovered. Acting as a guide, HPC psychologists will help the family understand their interactions with one another at a deeper level and help to shift those interactions leading to closer connections and better interactions outside of the sessions. We value families and know that each family has various customs based on their background and histories. At HPC, we seek to honor each family and first learn about the unique values and culture that each family has. From there a trusted relationship with the therapist is established so that each family member feels comfortable to share their experience. If your family is experiencing increased conflict and members are under emotional distress as a result, contact us to set up and initial assessment session to begin the process of healing, better communication, and close connections.

GROUP THERAPY for women with adhd

Facilitated by experienced clinical therapist, Dr. Jayna Hamet, and supervised by licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Rebecca Bergen, this group is dedicated for women (18+) with ADHD to have a safe affi rming space to support, inspire, and encourage each other. An initial intake with Dr. Hamet will also be required to determine that the group is right for you and to assess your individual needs. This will be a separate cost which can also be billed to your insurance.
Are you a self-identifying woman (18+) who has been newly diagnosed with ADHD or is struggling to cope with your ADHD symptoms, such as:

For immediate help, call 988 or go to your nearest emergency room.


For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards, HSA and FSA cards, checks, or cash as payment. We have the ability to store credit card information on file for ease of future payments in a secure, encrypted system through our practice management software. For current rates for sessions please contact us at: admin@humanisticpsychchicago.com


We are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, Blue Cross Blue Shield Choice PPO Plans, and Aetna PPO plans. You will provide your insurance information through our secure client portal after you schedule your initial session. You may contact your insurance company prior to your first visit to find out your mental health benefits.


If we are not in-network with your insurance plan you can still meet with a psychologist at HPC. You would pay our full fee for your session and we would provide you with documentation to submit to your insurance company and they would reimburse you directly if you have out-of-network benefits. You can contact your insurance company and inquire about your coverage for out-of-network providers for mental health treatment.


We do not want anyone in need of mental health services to not get treatment. We offer a few sliding scale therapy slots that are reserved for clients in financial need. If we are not able to accommodate you, we will help you find an agency who can.