Couples and Marriage Therapy at Humanistic Psychologists of Chicago (HPC)

Navigating the Complexity of Romantic Relationships

couples and marriage therapy chicago

At Humanistic Psychologists of Chicago (HPC), we strive to support couples in navigating the complexities of romantic relationships and enhancing their connection and well-being. We offer a range of services tailored to couples and marriage therapy. Here’s an overview of the approaches and interventions we use:

1. Gottman Method for couples therapy:

At HPC, we predominantly utilize the Gottman Method, a research-based approach to couples therapy. This method is rooted in longitudinal research and helps identify the underlying sources of disruption and conflict within the relationship. Our psychologists are trained in this approach and will work with you and your partner to understand your dynamics during conflict, build trust and commitment, and improve the way you connect as friends and lovers.

2. Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) for Couples:

We also integrate Emotion Focused Therapy into our practice. This approach places emphasis on the health of the attachment bond between you and your partner. It recognizes the neurobiological need for intimate bonding and connection. Our psychologists at HPC will assess the attachment style of the couple and utilize specific interventions to repair and strengthen the attachment bond. This promotes a more secure and healthy sense of connection and closeness within the relationship.

Both the Gottman Method and EFT are grounded in a humanistic perspective, understanding and validating the normal reactions and challenges that arise within intimate partnerships. These approaches acknowledge the innate human desire for secure emotional bonds and emphasize the positive aspects of human relationships.

It is important to note that seeking couples therapy early on, when relationship difficulties arise, is highly beneficial. Waiting until the problems have escalated and caused significant emotional hurt can make it more challenging to reestablish a sense of emotional safety. Therefore, we encourage couples to make an appointment with one of our highly trained psychologists at HPC to begin couples counseling.

How Can Couples Therapy Help You?

Couples therapy can help resolve a variety of issues and challenges that couples may face in their relationship. Here are some common areas that couples therapy can address and help resolve:

Communication problems

Couples therapy can improve communication patterns, enhance listening skills, and teach effective ways to express needs, concerns, and emotions.

Conflict resolution

Therapists can provide tools and techniques to help couples navigate conflicts in a healthier and more productive manner, finding solutions that work for both partners.

Trust issues

Couples therapy can help rebuild trust and address trust issues caused by infidelity, breaches of secrecy, or other betrayals.

Intimacy and sexual difficulties

Therapists can provide a safe space to discuss and explore concerns related to intimacy, sexual desires, and any challenges affecting the couple’s physical connection.

Emotional disconnection

Couples therapy can assist in identifying emotional disconnection and help partners reconnect on a deeper level, fostering emotional closeness and understanding.

Parenting and family issues

Therapy can provide a supportive environment for couples to address conflicts or disagreements related to parenting styles, blended family dynamics, or other family-related challenges.

Financial conflicts

Therapists can guide couples in navigating financial challenges and help develop strategies for budgeting, financial planning, and addressing differences in spending and saving habits.

Life transitions and major decisions

Couples therapy can be beneficial during significant life transitions such as marriage, having children, career changes, or relocation, helping partners align their goals and expectations.

Cultural or religious differences

Therapy can provide a platform to explore and find common ground in navigating differences in cultural, religious, or spiritual beliefs within the relationship.

Enhancing overall relationship satisfaction

Even if a couple does not have specific issues, therapy can help strengthen and enhance their relationship, build resilience, and improve overall satisfaction.

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